God's Got My Back
God's Got My Back
About the Book

In August of 2008, Bishop Rudolph McKissick underwent an extensive spinal surgery that resulted in a four-month hiatus and birthed a multiplicity of other physical challenges, inclusive of the possibility of never proclaiming the Word of God again. In this new book, McKissick allows us to journey with him from discovery through recovery and see how God not only birthed a medical miracle in his life but also how God revealed to him spiritual principles for life that he now shares with all.

Read this book and learn how to discover and recover from the challenges that come into your life.


"In The Survivor's Club, Bishop McKissick is a member, but he qualifies to be the president."
--from the Foreword,
Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant

"When Bishop Rudolph McKissick dies, he will be remembered for this book. One of the best books of the year."

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